Meet our Team
Nasser Al-Amuri
Nasser Al-Amuri Finance & Investment Officer

Nasser Al-Amuri is a business economic professional with over 9 years of accumulative experience, using his extensive capabilities in business analysis and investments, and corporate marketing for public and private institutions and start-ups across industries and sectors, helping them to propel their business, increasing their profit and strengthening their market position.

Among the latest achievements, Nasser has conducted more than +20 training and coaching projects in many different areas, building the skills of more than +1k trainees in a wide range of executive management disciplines. In addition to +45 business models and financial planning across economic sectors and start-ups initiatives; and, +40 projects related to marketing and market studies, research and project evaluation.

Nasser now serves as the Finance and Investment Officer at DAI's Finance for Jobs project F4J.

Nasser holds a Global Master in Business Administration degree from the Institute of Financial Studies (IEB and University of Madrid), a Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in Economics from University of Malaga (UMA), a Diploma Degree in Executive Development for Entrepreneurship from Tel-Aviv University –Recanati Program, and a College Degree in Tourism and Business Management from National University of Distance Education (UNED). He is also a Certified Marketing Professional (CMP) by the American Certificate Institute (ACI).