Call for Investment Proposals

Call to Private Sector Investors for Investment Proposals

F4J project is ready to receive applications from investors with investment project proposals. The F4J project provides, depending on availability of funding, marginal financing needed to bridge financing gaps in order to proceed with the implementation of investment projects with the objective of job creation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Finance for Jobs (F4J) Project is a four years economic development program based in Ramallah, funded by the World Bank and implemented by DAI for the Ministry of Finance (MoF).

The proposed investment projects should be with at least one-million-dollar capital investment. The application should demonstrate a case of developmental impact and should indicate in detail the job creation opportunities. Applicants should explain in detail why there is a financing gap and elaborate on why the project investment needs the grant and for what purpose.

Target sectors include, but not limited to, the following: Agribusiness and Processing, ICT, Tourism, Light Manufacturing and Green Tech Projects.

Interested investors are invited to visit the F4J Website to learn more about the project, grant conditions, selection and eligibility criteria. 

If you are interested, please access the “Application Form” at the F4J website and fill it. Applicants will need to also submit project business and financial plans for their proposed investments.

Applications should be submitted in hard copies to F4J Project located 2fl , Al Bardouni Building, Jaffa Street, Ramallah. Applications should also be submitted in soft copies via email to

  • To apply, please download the link below.


ICF Application Form