Financial Instruments

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Matching Grants (EE-MG)


The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Matching Grant (EE-MG) is a grant fund which supports innovative Palestinian small businesses to increase revenue, attract investment, and create jobs. Through the EE-MG, F4J works with Palestinian investment funds to identify and build the capacity of local start-ups.

EEMG Objective

The objective of EE-MG is to mobilize private capital in the West Bank and Gaza by filling a gap in the entrepreneurship ecosystem that exists between support services often provided by donors and the development of a steady stream of investment-ready startups that could benefit from these services.


The EE-MG would provide ‘wholesale’ funding through 0.7:0.3 (F4J Project Implementation Agency: IF) matching grants to IF management companies to assist them in developing investment pipelines by improving enterprises’ ability to develop viable investment opportunities and high-quality business plans.

The grants would not act as a subsidy to the IF’s general operations. They would be in the form of partial reimbursements against eligible and agreed upon expenditures previously made by the IF for developing and implementing bankable start-ups, and they are thus oriented towards results rather than overheads.



EE-MG Factsheet